The adult world seen through the eyes of two eleven-year-olds.

Sofia and Valerio, aged 11 and 12, meet by chance in a semi-deserted Naples suffocating because of the summer heat. Both have been entrusted to the care of their fathers, a pair of forty-year-olds afflicted with every sort of sentimental and existential problems, while their mothers are far off, present only in brief telephonic incursions.  The two kids feel continually threatened by the instability and confusion of their families.  “It’s not fair…” they say as they join forces to face the adult world together with detachment and irony, so as to be no longer afraid of it.


sceneggiatura Mattia Betti, Antonietta De Lillo
cast Valerio Binasco, Nadia Carlomagno, Antonio Manzini, Monica Nappo, Lucia Ragni, Maddalena Polistini, Daniel Prodorno
montaggio Giogiò Franchini
musiche Antonio Fresa
fotografia Cesare Accetta
costumi Costanza Licenziati
suono Max Gobiet
scenografia Giancarlo Muselli