let’s Go



The story of Luca is that of a 46 year-old photographer who has been forced to retire from life and love; it is also the story of many other people overwhelmed by isolation and the economic emergency. But Luca is also an artist who has begun writing a letter addressed both to an ideal love as well as to us all. He guides us in a cosmopolitan journey through experiences that are often more arduous than his and recounts the story of a person who is determined to carry on without anger while struggling not to be overcome by the events.

director Antonietta De Lillo
story Luca Musella
voice Roberto De Francesco
editing Giogiò Franchini
soundtrack Daniele Sepe Enzo Jannacci Saltimbanchi
cinematographer Giovanni Piperno, Luca Musella
production marechiarofilm in collaboration with Rai Cinema
country Italy
year 2014
running time 54 min
format HD
genre documentary film