conversation with Tonino Guerra

At my age I don’t like hardly anything about myself, or about others. I want the dirtiest, the wrongest, the most interrupted stuff. While we speak a camel is going by. There…I wish it were like that.
Tonino Guerra

Portrait of Tonino Guerra, one of the most prominent Italian screenwriters, author for world-famous directors such as: Fellini, Tarkovski, Antonioni, the Taviani brothers, Mikailkov. The documentary goes back through his career as a screenwriter and shows his everyday life at Pennabilli.  In this tiny village near Rimini, Tonino Guerra has succeeded in constructing a world in his image and likeness through the realization of a series of works-signs which express his indomitable vitality and creativity: fountains, road signs, “thinking” gardens. It is an encounter with a man who possesses an enormous vital force, with which he reconstructs his “fables” in order to defeat boredom and the predictability of everyday life

fotografia Marco Tani
montaggio Giogiò Franchini
musica Francesco D'Errico
suono Nadia Mersguich