O’cinema, as we used to say euphorically when we were kids. Each time it was an encounter with unbridled fantasy that gave us the possibility of travelling full speed through all the worlds of possibility.”
Enzo Moscato

A young Neapolitan takes a walk through his city.  He gazes at the people as well as the things about him with curiosity and transfigures them, at times drawing us into the personal, at times the cinematographic, world of imagination. The evocative power of sounds, visual impressions and old film clips come together in this journey into the heart of Naples.  The union of reality and fantasy is a pretext for reassembling the fragments of the history of a city and its wonderful cinema.

cast Ciro Schisano, Enzo Moscato (voce)
sceneggiatura Giuseppe Rocca con la collaborazione di Laura Sabatino, Antonietta De Lillo
fotografia Cesare Accetta
montaggio Giogiò Franchini
musica Daniele Sepe, Marco Zurzolo