Today Together, Tomorrow Too

film partecipato


Today Together, Tomorrow Too is a compositionof faces, places and stories collected by different directors throughout Italy. OIDA – participated film conceived and curated by Antonietta De Lillo – composes a portrait of love at our times through fragments of different materials – documentaries, investigations, animations and found footage.
The casualness and the normalcy of the stories that we can see in this documentary are the key to express the most elusive of all feelings – love. The result is a complex image, that represents the density of our relationships in this moment of crisis and social transformations in which we live.
Forty years have gone by since the Italian referendum on divorce and Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Love Meetings. Today Together, Tomorrow Too  investigates the feeling of love portraying the changes in our country – the breakdown of marriage and traditional family values, the human and economic crisis, the lack of work, the change of sexual behaviour, the bio-technologic revolution, the growth of immigration and the difficulty in confronting cultures that are different from our own.
We chose to startfrom the darkest aspects of love -abandonment, intolerance, violence and hate. Through the street interviews and the stories collected by the directors that participated in the project, we will meet couples who have been together all their lives and people who have never met love, along withthe those who have to cope with the harsh feelings that usually follow a breakup. Traditional families, enlarged families, exploded families, recomposed families, new balances made of people who are willing to stay together even after their stories are over. Different forms of love, sometimes more fragile, sometimes more powerful and free go togetherwith the vision of the youngest people interviewed, who search for an absolute pure and true love that might be free of social judgement and of conditioning based on age, culture and gender.
The participated film by marechiarofilm shows love in its widest form, meaning not only a relationship between two people, but also the love of parents for their children, love towards strangers and love as an opportunity to elevate ourselves beyond ourselves, our selfishness and our fears. It is a confirmation that in our selfish society more and more concentrated on cynic and individualistic models, love is still the most powerful energy moving things and is often the best antidote to our solitude.

realizzato da Antonio Aragona, Yuki Bagnardi, Gabriele Camelo, Loredana Conte, Marta Corradi, Antonietta De Lillo, Maria Di Razza, Nunzia Esposito, Agostino Ferrente, Federica Iacobelli, Teresa Iaropoli, Ilaria Jovine, Fabiomassimo Lozzi, Pasquale Marino, Paolo Marzoni, Tebana Masoni, Aglaia Mora, Elena Morando, Luca Musella, Bartolomeo Pampaloni, Margherita Pescetti, Cristina Pignalosa, Giovanni Piperno, Marco Simon Puccioni, Helena Rizzo, Fabiana Sargentini, Greta Scicchitano, Alessandro Tamburini, Erika Tasini, Ciro Zecca
a cura di Antonietta De Lillo
montaggio Pietro D'Onofrio con la partecipazione di Giogiò Franchini
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